Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Noch ein Geburtstagskind....Another birthday

Kuba beging Neujahr den 50.Jahrestag der Revolution. Die Revolution ist neben Fidel Castro untrennbar verbunden mit Che Guevara, der nicht nur von der kubanischen Bevölkerung bis heute besungen wird. Wer schon einmal in Kuba war, wird ein Lied ganz bestimmt kennen...Hier die Version, die auch vor ein paar Jahren in Rodrigues oft zu hören war... Und: natürlich sind wir gespannt auf die angekündigte Kubapolitik von Barack Obama...-

This year, New Year's celebrations has been fallen together with the 50th anniversary of the revolution, apart from Fidel Castro inseparably connected with Che Guevara whose contribution and life has become the center of a lot of songs, not only sung by the Cuban population. Everybody visiting Cuba will know at least one song...Here now the version which was ppopular too in Rodrigues a few years ago...And for sure, we are looking forward to the announced political changes by Barack Obama...

Photo credit: Focus (AP), here the article(German) and more photos
Video : Nathalie Cardone
Note: The very first Che link in the German section leads to a video with original material.

Und hier eine interessante Artikelsammlung zu Kuba und dem Mythos Che Guevara (dt.) aus der ZEIT, zusammengestellt 2007 anlässlich des 40.Todesjahres von Che Guevara.

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Birgit Rudolph/Dirk Krehl hat gesagt…

I know it is a bit unusual to mention Cuba in a blog of Rodrigues but at least it was here when thia song was popular...

Unfortunately I havenät found so quickly a video link with a more traditional version performed by Cuban musicians.

The memory of my only holiday there, already 20 years ago (!!), is still vivid and I enjoyed especially the evenings..each dinner was accompaied by local singers playing the guitar and singing this song with tenderness and enthousiasm, it was intriguing and let me shiver...

Apart from it, the island is very beautiful and the population there shares some traits of a Creole heritage.