Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Sonnenfinsternis....Solar eclipse Part 2

"The Year of the Ox began with a solar eclipse. On Monday, Jan. 26th, the same new Moon that marked the Chinese Lunar New Year passed in front of the Sun--dead center--covering 93% of the solar disk. The annular eclipse was visible from a narrow path spanning the Indian Ocean; the sunset end of the path fell across Borneo, Sumatra and Java, where observers saw a fantastic "ring of fire" sink into the sea at the end of the day." (Read more here)

And here they come - the shots of yesterday...It was really exciting for me this morning to have a look on the net. This photo above was the first I got to see, so it's the first I show...Thanks to Sheha Joseph from Sri Lanka who is so kind sharing it with us and thanks to all the others whose shots you will find by clicking on the links!

Gouph Island 40°20'S, 10°0'W/Chantal Steyn

Cape Town-South Africa/Kobus Olckers

And here at least one pic from Quatre Borne in Mauritius, taken by Thierrys

Bandung-West Java - : 6°53′39.87"S : 107°36′27.97"E/Angga Dwi Perdana

South Jakarta-Indonesia S : 6deg13'55.13"E : 106deg47'46.31" /Aditya Sanjaya
Manila-Phillipines/Aaron Favila

Photo credits:Sheha Joseph (Sri Lanka), Chantal Steyn (Gouph Island), Aditya Sanjaya - (Sri Lanka), Thierrys (Mauritius),Angga Dwi Perdana (Bandung -West Java), Aaron Favila (Phillipines)

You will find more photos here!

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These are all fantastic photos! You really found several breath-taking shots of the event. Thanks for this post!