Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

In diesem Jahrtausend die längste Sonnenfinsternis....The Longest Eclipse in this Millenium....

Okinawa/Japan by Tamasudare3

"This week a solar eclipse that reduced the sun to a blazing ring surrounding a sombre disk plunged millions of people in Africa and Asia into an eerie semi-darkness."

Wie immer, hier ein paar Eindrücke aus unterschiedlichen Gegenden...
Here as usual some impressions from the different areas in the Indian Ocean...India by Partha Sarathi Gotswami

China/Reuters :click to see it big

"The spectacle, visible in a 185-mile band running 8,062 miles across the globe, set a record for the longest annular eclipse that will remain unbeaten for more than a thousand years."

Mauritius by Thierry

"An annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly in front of the sun but does not completely obscure it, thus leaving a ring – an annulus – of sunlight flaring around the lunar disk."

Again China, here in Hongdao- before and during the eclipse

Und hier ein Video aus Kerala/Indien, wo die Sonnenfinsternis bis zu 84% sichtbar war...-
And here a video from Kerala in India where the eclipse had a visiblity of 84%...

There are lots and lots of more incredible photos, videos and reports, to be honest, I lost track but for those who like to see more, follow the links....and enjoy!

Source and photo credits if not specified under the photo: DJMickLive, Mail Online

More photos: on flickr, of Thierry in Mauritius on Island Crisis, Focus/dt. Artikel mit Fotos

A special site dedicated to this event only comes from our friend Desh from Sri Lanka...

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