Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

Cyclone Warning Class 2 in Rodrigues

Gélane has intensified during the past hours and is now an intense tropical cyclone, so we are on Class II at the moment, as flagged at our local Police Station in Port Mathurin, expecting Class III in the morning. Find here details to our Warning Class System.

Cyclone warning Class 2 at Rodrigues Island since 4pm

Position: 17.4 South and 62.1 East
Distance: – 280 Km NNW Rodrigues
Approximate Pressure:
930 hPa
Maximum Wind in the center: 287 Km/h
Direction Moving: South
Speed Moving: 14Km/h

Class II:

Issued so as to allow, as far as practicable, 12 hours of daylight before the occurrence of gusts of 120 kilometers (km) per hour.

Noch sitze ich auf der Terrasse und genieße noch ein wenig die niedrigeren Temperaturen, die mit dem Zyklon einhergehen. Sobald der Regen wieder anfängt und der Wind zunimmt, geht es aber rein. Die vorhergesagten Böen der Stärke 80 - 90 km/Std. kommen in der Tat immer häufiger. Ich bin sicher, wir werden nicht viel schlafen. Neugierig bin ich, wann der erste Stromausfall kommt, denn das gehört hier eigentlich fast immer mit zu einem Zyklon. Genau wie das regelmäßige Checken der Boote am Hafen, wie auf dem Bild unten, das ist der Fischer Réné Rose aus Fond La Digue, den ich bei meinem ersten abendlichen Rundgang an Hafen antraf.

At the moment the weather still allows me to sit on the terrasse as the rain has stopped for a while. But this won't be for long as the gusts are increasing and coming more frequently. More rain is to come, so I will move indoors. Temperature has gone down significantly which is a nice change. We will certainly have a busy night...I am curious when we will have the first power cuts, as they usually belong to the setting when experiencing a cyclone. Going to the harbour belongs to it as well, so on my first evening walk I met I met Réné Rose, a local fisherman from Fond La Digue who was already prepared in full weather gear, checking on the safety of his boat...

Cyclone Track Imagery: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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