Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Rodrigues war sein Aussenposten.....Knut ist tot

Only few hours before his untimely death

05.12.2006 - 19.03.2011

Out of the Blue....
So very, very sad news. Here it was only a brief notice in the papers and this photo in
Le Mauricien. Polar bear Knut from Zoo Berlin in Germany died tragically on last Saturday afternoon, the day of the super moon, in his enclosure. In front of 600 to 700 visitors he got a cramp in his left leg, when he tried to stand up, he fall in his moat and drowned. He was the only polar bear to have an outpost in the Indian Ocean, we will certainly come back to him. Please find more to him, his life, his death, and more about polar bears in general in

Knuts Aussenposten im Indischen Ozean

We will sure come back to Knut, also in this blog...

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