Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Divali...An Evening Walk...

Rangoli 2011

Decorated house of Family Sooprayen tonight

Probably the most decorated house in Rodrigues & each year a bit different

At Alimenta Shop near the bus station

Lights also at Mont Fanal, sorry a bit fluflu

Here just a few diyas at Fond La Digue

At Family Luckeeram's place...

...Where one can each year find the most colourful rangolis...

The Rodriguan Hindu & Tamul community consists of only 300 members, and we are grateful of knowing some of them.During the past years we have enjoyed a lot of home made Divali cakes which have been shared with us so readily, doors always open on that occasion. I want to say thank you to all friends and neighbours for their hospitality and for sharing their time.It is good to feel the spirit of Divali also on our island.

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Liebe Birgit,

danke für die friedvollen Bilder in einer sommerlauen Nacht - die hätte ich jetz auch gerne, obwohl ich noch keinen November Blues habe.

Liebe Grüße