Samstag, 29. November 2008

Oh, was ist das...? - A weirdo in the Indian Ocean...

Als ich in Lindas und Bills Reisejournal herumstöberte, stolperte ich über dieses Foto. Um den Fisch besser sehen sehen zu können habe ich es hier in rotierter Position abgebildet. Sie fingen ihn auf 1000m Tiefe, ein paar Stunden nachdem sie Rodrigues verlassen hatten, auf ihrem Weg nach Mauritius im August. Sachdienliche Hinweise über die Natur dieses Fisches nehmen wir gerne entgegen....! -

Reading Linda and Bill's journal about their circumnavigation on S/Y Valiam, I stumbled over this photo. Just to get a better look I have rotated the pic here. They caught it while being in 1000 m depth after having left Rodrigues for Mauritius.
August 20
Its 5.45am local time and our position is : 20.09.5S 58 43.6E. The wind has been inconsiderate all night by changing direction due to a few rain squalls. (...) Hopefully the predicted SE 15 knot wind will kick in. We caught a weird fish last night. It was long and black like an eel with a nasty big sharp mouth and big sharp teeth. Bill threw it back in. The first time we catch a fish in 8 months and it has to be a weird inedible thing! Looking forward to a full nights sleep. We only see the moon occasionally due to the overcast conditions. No stars either (...)!

Just for the records, the local fishing experts...)) have no clue neither what kind of fish it can be, nor if it had been edible...although there are theories and stories of similar fish caught here but in depth of either 60 or 200m...

Maybe someone can enlighten us...?

Photo credits:Linda & Bill from S/Y Valiam

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