Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Zac Sunderland ...Off to Mauritius

Since yesterday night it has been pouring, lot's of rain which is good for the island...but not good for today's Annual Remembrance Day of Armistice this morning here in Rodrigues ...and as to Zac ....

" Zac had a long night of massive squalls with lightning and thunder for much of the night. It is like the Indian Ocean is trying to give him as much grief as he can before Zac finally passes through! To add insult to injury, the forecast for the next 2 days is a dead calm!"

By the way, on the satellite photo of today Rodrigues is the tiny red spot in the white clouds... As Marianne Sunderland, his mother, asked me for more photos, here what I still have so far, unfortunately no close ups, I am sorry, I often take photos of crews but usually closer ups only after a contact has really been established by meetings etc. I suppose I was a bit too shy when learning he was already to leave... This photo was taken on Friday morning when I came to say hello and to bring him the visitor's book of James Waterstone. And this one was taken yesterday morning.

For all who want to get more and regular news on Zac's trip around the world as youngest circumnavigator, don't miss his blog, in which you can read today about his visit of the local market and how he came to some unexpected money ...Don't miss the latest issue of the Los Angeles Times where you will find an article about Zac too.

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