Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

" Bread & Cheese..."

Schon mal was von Bread & Cheese Pflanzen gehört...? Diese ist eine, wie ich heute durch Maudlyn Gebert erfuhr, die mit dieser Aufnahme ebenfalls bei Couleurs de Mai vertreten war...

"The Bread & Cheese plant is a very common one in Rodrigues, in different regions of the world it is also known as cat's claw, black bad, doctor long, griffe-chatte, collier-diable and bébèl. The part of the plant I photographed is called legume. Usually 5 to 10 cm long, coiled or curved and splits open to reveal 4 to 6 mm shiny, black seeds, surrounded by white to red fleshy arils.
When I made the photo, it reminded me of my early childhood ; as other kids I enjoyed eating the fleshy parts even of its persistent flavour."

Maudlyn was not only so kind to tell us more about the plant she had chosen as her exhibition photo, she also let us know how she experienced the workshop.

"I have always been interested in photography. I believe this is due to the fact that my dad was a police photographer. But it has been only for a few years that I started learning how to take photographs. The workshop was very interesting and helpful, all participants have one thing in common: Photography as passion. So I enjoyed everything, the classes and group works, where we learned about proper care and cleaning of camera and accessories, the theory about copyright related questions...Most interesting for me the part about manual photography, how to take control of your camera, light, speed and composition."

"Many people find it easy to point and shoot which is the easiest way to take photos. But what we should rather do is to shift to Manual Mode and to make photos instead. We should not abide to preferences of the camera auto settings mode but command it to make the photos we want. "

"Preparing the photo exhibition was exciting from A to Z too. It was a pleasure to see us all working together, sharing ideas ; it was also an occasion to socialize. I enjoyed being seen else than a police officer. We are all enthusiasm and motivated, full of ideas for future projects...! "

More to "Bread & Cheese" plants here (pdf/engl), they belong to the Fabaceae family, last link leads to a German botanical site showing some other species of it. I didn't find anything about the origin of it's common name which was so uncommon to me...


Betsy hat gesagt…

and here i thought i was going to read all about wheat bread and a lovely cheese to go along with it...! Well, you learn something new every day..

Ulli J hat gesagt…

Je préfère les couleurs plus intense et je suppose que les couleurs de Rodrigues sont très intense et vivants. Cette photo montre exactement ces couleurs.


Steffani Modis hat gesagt…

very cool man

alexandria tjuang hat gesagt…

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