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Remembrance: Zouk & Roddy....& a DVD - Please help to support the families of Roddy & Zouk

This is one of the last photos of Zouk and Roddy, taken during one of their last outings with Stephan Kreupl and Klaus Liedtke, the two German sport anglers who could be rescued 9 hours after the accident on March 13, which turned out to be fatal for our Rodriguan friends.

Stephan and Klaus who have been fishing in Rodrigues for a couple of years and known Roddy and Zouk very well, have created a DVD about the Giant Trevally (GT) reef fishing in Rodrigues with Roddy and Zouk this year, the DVD can be purchased via PayPal, the whole amount will be donated to the families of Roddy and Zouk.

"On Friday March 13th 6.30 p.m. local time our skipper Roddy Perrine and his mate Lino (Zouk) Joliecoeur lost their lives in an accident at the Passe Carangue. Klaus Liedtke and Stephan Kreupl were rescued after 9 hours. This is a painful loss for the relatives of Roddy and Zouk and also for all who have ever been fishing with them. Roddy leaves behind a wife and a son, Zouk a wife and two children.We have opened an account for both families and we hope to relieve their financial distress slightly by means of donations and selling of our DVD. You can watch the DVD trailer on our Web site: under "Movies & Clips". You will find the contact form and the banking details for your DVD-Order under All proceeds are paid into the donation account Roddy & Zouk without deduction of production costs.We have also a PayPal Donate button on our website." (dt.Version/hier)

Please support this initiative of Klaus and Stephan to help the families of Roddy and Zouk

DVD GT-Fischen vor Rodrigues
mit Stephan Kreupl
DVD 33 Minuten/Preis : 29,00 Euro incl.Versand innerhalb Deutschlands

BluRay HD-Version/33 Minuten

Preis: 36,00 Euro incl.Versand innerhalb Deutschlands

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Photo credits: Stephan Kreupl & Klaus Liedtke, more photos of Roddy & Zouk you will find here

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