Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

日本のみなさんこんにちは!!....- Yes, you see's Japanese....Meet S/Y YAIMA

興味のある方は、是非我々のHP: を見てください!でわでわ世界のどこかで・・・!!

Hello everyone!
I’m HIROSHI MAEDA, the Captain of the Japanese Yacht Yaima. I started sailing when I was a student in the university. Sailing around the world was my dream and always on my mind. I started my sailing trip around the world on 24th March with my youngest son this year. We have sailed to a lot of countries in Asia.It is good to experience different cultures, meet different people and try the local dishes. We arrived in Rodrigues Island last Saturday and we did enjoy the time and warm friendship on this beautiful island.
My son,Yuki, met Birgit in the library while he was searching the informmation there. She is a very friendly and interesting lady.They had a great time chatting.
I have two crews right now, my son YUKI and my Taiwanese friend Huiling.
She will sail with us to Madagascar and then fly back to Taiwan for her work.Most of the time, only my son and I sail the boat along the 2 years sailing trip .
If you have interest in our sailing trip, please come to our web site and we would love to share our sailing experiences with you.Here is the link.

See you somewhere in the world !

Photo credits and text: S/Y YAIMA
Domo arigato gozaimasu - 本当にありがとうございます

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Birgit Rudolph/Dirk Krehl hat gesagt…

Es ist eine verrückte Saison, das 2. japanische Segelboot in so kurzer Zeit...Da ich noch immer auf so vielen Fotos und Beiträgen sitze aus der Zeit der Regatta, habe ich gestern kurzerhand Yuki gebeten, die Crew und das Boot YAIMA gleich selbst vorzustellen, wer weiß, wie lange es sonst dauern würde bis ich dazu komme...Ich sollte das öfter machen!

Von meinem Besuch heute mittag bei ihnen werde ich vielleicht noch gesondert irgendwann berichten, wir hatten viel Spaß! Leider sind sie nur noch bis morgen hier, es geht weiter nach Mauritius.

Ich hoffe, sie treffen noch Captain Seki-San von Polaire...

Danke Yuki, danke Huilin und danke Hiro für die Gastfreundschaft an Board und für den schnellen Gastbeitrag mit den tollen Fotos hier!

Übrigens- Huilin müsste die erste Taiwanesin sein, die hier per Segelboot eingetroffen ist...


Thank you so much, you wonderful crew from S/Y YAIMA. What a great thing that I didn't have to write myself, I should certainly do that more often...( I am always sitting too long on all the photos I take and things I want to write)

Today I have spent a great afternoon with you on board of YAIMA.It was fun and when I find time I might write something about it too.

For the time being I just want to wish you all the best for your trip, I hope you will meet the others , especially Captain Seki-San from Polaire...

Kisses to you and all of them!