Freitag, 16. April 2010

PAWS Mauritius braucht Hilfe....Financial Crisis at PAWS Mauritius

"PAWS Mauritius (Protection of Animal and Welfare Society) is in a financial crisis and will most probably be halting its activities soon. We were recently contacted by Angelique Samouilhan from PAWS who alerted us about this situation.

Angelique Samouilhan says that PAWS is in a desperate situation where they may have to stop rescuing animals in distress because of a lack of financial support and maybe they are even heading toward a complete halt of all of their activities.

For those who missed it, PAWS was voted as the best NGO in Mauritius last year on Island Crisis. Well, the best NGO today needs your support. For the fact, PAWS is the only NGO in Mauritius who offers protection of animals and welfare services such as mass sterilizing, rescuing, treating dogs and cats, and offering a refuge for animals."(see Island Crisis blog)

"Imagine our island without PAWS!!!


… there would be no sterilisations, no treatment for animals with wounds full of maggots, and no one to help treat animals against ticks, fleas and mange, in poor villages where there are no vets

… there would be no education campaign to help people become responsible citizens and develop compassion and solutions to the pain and fear felt by the animals in their homes

… there would be no help for animals injured by the side of the road or too small to survive on their own

… there would be no refuge for people to drop off unwanted or abandoned pets so they might have a chance at finding a loving family…

In these very hard times, where people are struggling financially, animals may now suffer more if PAWS is not there to reach out to areas all over the island, offering free or very inexpensive treatments, operations, information and advice. PAWS is in a situation where we may have to stop rescuing animals in distress because of a lack of financial support.

Below are some factual figures from PAWS. From mid-July 1999 to mid-March 2010, PAWS has:

  • Sterilized 42,588 dogs and cats
  • Rescued 10,495 animals in distress
  • Treated 11,816 dogs and cats
  • Treated and prevented mange on 46,854 dogs
  • Found homes for 2,982 dogs and cats
  • Euthanized humanely 11,865 dogs and cats in distress
“We depend solely on donations, and PAWS would need Rs 9 million in 2010 to continue all the services we provide. PAWS is not affiliated, connected, owned or linked in any way to any social, political or religious group.


Share this message and help to maintain this wonderful organization.

Source: Island Crisis Blog/16.04.2010 & PAWS on Facebook

PAWS Mauritius: here their website & blog, they are on Facebook too where you can also get a glimpse of the ongoing situation. On the PAWS website you can find an online donation tool as other links for how to donate differently!

PAWS needs your help, without PAWS dogs and other animals wouldn't have any lobby in Mauritius!

Note: The situation of dogs and cats in Rodrigues is comparable to Mauritius, unfortunately we have never had a PAWS section here, however without PAWS Mauritius there would not even be a strain of hope to create something comparable here, PAWS campaigns on TV have certainly left a few traces but it is not enough- Rodriguan dogs and cats need a lobby too, we too need free sterilization and free treatment of parasite infested animals here. Stray dogs need a home and the possibility to get adopted...One vet for pets on the island is not enough...Rodrigues needs to learn from the experience of PAWS Mauritius also in the future, so that our pets have a future too!


Birgit Rudolph/Dirk Krehl hat gesagt…

Dieser Aufruf wird auch noch in die K-files kommen, dann auf Deutsch!

Da ich in den letzten Wochen und Monaten durch unsere junge Hündin Molly und ihre Familie in der Nachbarschaft sehr absorbiert war und immer noch bin (siehe K-files, Unfall von Laika , der Schwester Mollys),trifft mich die Nachricht von der möglichen Schließung PAWS sehr. Ich habe immer gehofft, dass es eines Tages auch bei uns auf Rodrigues ähnliche Kampagnen geben würde.

Im Moment versorge ich Mollys Familie (Laika, Mutter Leila, die vor einer Woche 6 Junge geworfen hat, eine Katze und nicht zu vergessen, den "Kindesvater", er kam, deckte und blieb, ein wunderbarer, offenbar herrenloser Hund, der wie so viele Hunde hier an Parasiten leidet, die längst behandelt hätten werden müssen, wie bei so vielen Hunden hier...Aber dazu vielleicht dann extra ein Posting...

Dostoy hat gesagt…

It sounds like a wonderful organization. I will definitely make a contribution.