Samstag, 5. November 2011

Im Dienste der Gesundheit....Bad news for people who smoke...

Das muss wohl vor dem 5. November gewesen sein, denn seither kosten Zigaretten mehr. Wer als Raucher am 5. November wie gewöhnlich Zigaretten kaufen wollte, wurde gleich am Tag nach der Budget Speech Ankündigung mit 15 % mehr zur Kasse gebeten...-

Just in case the pic above was taken in Mauritius, it must have been before November 5, as since then cigarettes once more saw a tax increase. So bad surprise for people who smoke, this time 15 % have been added, and the local shops seemed to be too delighted to charge you immediately with the new price the day after the news were announced during the Budget Speech, although their stocks had certainly been purchased before...

-Public Health: Increase in price of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages/Mauritius Blog 04.11.2011

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