Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

World Food Day in Rodrigues

The Commission for Agriculture invited on October 16 & 17 for a second time to the World Food Day Fair, a very popular event since last year which nobody wanted to several tombolas took place where pigs or cattle could be won for a tiny sum of Rs 10 invested in a ticket...So first pigs on their way...This bull was neither on sale nor a price, just showing off a bit how beautiful a bull can be in Rodrigues...And here the plants...this was a stunner already last year and prooved to be another one this year, for very little money one could purchase plants, ranging from banana or even letchie trees to the more handy endemic plants as e.g. 'Bois de Fer, probably everyone went home with some plants in his arms...But where is the food you might ask yourself...Here it comes...traditional and yummie as always, several stalls offered nice varieties of local food...

More pics you will find here in the album called Days in October- Oktobertage in Rodrigues/engl. & germ.

Photo credits: James Castel/RRA (3,4,5)

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