Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

Die neu gewählte Rodrigues Regional Assembly...Meet the new Commissioners

from left to right:
Daniel Baptiste, Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis, Serge Clair, President Sir A. Jugnauth, Ismael Valimamode, Richard Payendee, Rose De Lima Edouard, Simon Pierre Roussety

The different responsibilities of the new elected Commisioners were named during a press conference held on Monday, 13 February at La Résidence in Port Mathurin.

Here the list of the new Commissioners of the 3rd Rodrigues Regional Assembly:

- Serge Clair, 71, as Chief Commissioner will be responsible, beside others, for the Central Administration, Education, Lands and Administration of Territory, Agriculture, Civil Aviation, Customs, Judiciary, Prison, Fire and Post Services, Art & Culture.

- Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis, 34, as Deputy Chief Commissioner will be responsible for Women,
Child Development, Family, Handicrafts, Vocational Training, Computer Technology and Industrial Development

- Daniel Baptiste, 35, as Commisioner for Social Security ; Employment,Work and Industrial Relations; Consumer's Protection and Commerce

- Richard Payendee, 44, as Commissioner for Tourism, Environment, Forests and Fisheries

- Simon Pierre Roussety, 55, Commissioner for Water, Infrastructure, Housing and Transport

- Ismael Valimamode, 61, Commissioner for Sports and Health

- Rose De Lima Edouard, 28, as Commissioner for Youth, Communal Development, Archives and Museum

Further posts and functions connected to the Rodrigues Regional Assembly and the Administration of Rodrigues: 

- Chairperson: Soopramanien Sooprayen, 71.
- Deputy Chairperson : Jean Rex Ramdally, 32 
- Island Chief Executive: Davies Hee Hong Wye.

- Minority Leader : Gaëtan Jhabeemissar (MR & ex - Chief Commissioner)

On that ocasion we want to wish all members of the new Rodrigues Regional Assembly good luck for the 5 years ahead.


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