Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

Independence Day 2009

Today Maurtius has been celebrating it's 41st anniversary of Independence and the 17th anniversary of being a Republic. More tomorrow!

Please read here the thread from last year which might still be of interest - English and German!


Kurt Avish hat gesagt…

Nice blog and thanks for commenting on mine :-)

Am a bit lost with the language of the blogspot platform here lol... its german na? let me try...ok i will click on the orange button to submit this comment... i hope its not the cancel button lol :D

Dostoy hat gesagt…

Hope this isn't a stupid question, but who did you gain independence from?

Birgit Rudolph/Dirk Krehl hat gesagt…

Hi Dostoy,

We got Independence from the English.Mauritius was first a French then an English colony.

More another day.
Someone got missing in Rodrigues.